Why Salt Lamps

Positive Healing

Benefits of Himalayan salt lamps include deodorizing and cleansing air; easing coughing, asthma and allergy symptoms; neutralizing electromagnetic radiation; increasing energy levels; and improving sleep, concentration, and mood. 

Seasonal Disorders

These lamps can also treat seasonal affective disorders and provide natural light. The healthy negative ions improve the general indoor air quality. 

Positive Energy

People use Himalayan salt lamps to deodorize and cleanse the air by removing contaminants such as cigarette smoke, pollen and dust. The power of hygroscopy helps purify the air.

The microscopic cycling of airborne particles in the salt lamps heats up the negative ions. As the particles absorb water molecules in the air, they expel negative ions, keeping the lungs clear.

What can salt lamps help


Sufferers of this combination of illnesses can be helped as the salt will help to cleanse the air and make it more breathable. It helps to relax the lungs, rest better and sleep better making it easier to cope with the illness in a nicer way.


This can be devastating for youngsters and their families. Children get to relax and rest more which enables them to cope with the energy that ADHD can bring. It is not a cure but if the kids sleep better they will cope better and school becomes easier. It also gives Mums and Dads a break from the stress. 


It has been known for years that salty lamps can and do help with easing breathing and coping with Asthma better. The salt air helps the lungs to take in more air and it means the person with asthma gets to take part in normal activities.

Nasal and sinus issues

I have seen for myself the impact of standing in our shop can have on people with nasal and sinus issues including clearing blockages. Having a lamp on at least 12 hours a day will leave your head feeling clear and dry.

Snoring and breathing issues

As a reformed snorer myself I know how devastating snoring can be. It can cause lack or interrupted sleep for all involved and this can leave you feeling exhausted and irritable. The clean salt air can reduce or even stop the snoring completely

Sadness, stress and anxiety

We live very stressful lives and having a salt lamp ion and in your  life will leave you feeling energized, centered and better than you have for a long while. The lamp will never stop being effective, cleaning the air you breathe and bringing a feeling of well being to your life