About Us

Earning from home

Being an agent can earn you up to £24k per annum if you work an area properly and we will support you all the way.

Salt Lamps are in vogue with great demand

We can provide you with all the support you require. We can help ypu establish your area, your clients and your product range

Home working

You will never look back

Earning a living promoting and selling Himalayan Salt is a fantastic way to work from home. We will create new products every month to get your customers to come again, and again. If you want to set up a small shop in 12 months we can support you all the way to the bank and beyond. Email bob@saltlamps.org.uk with your town in the subject heade


If you live in one of the towns on the list below then we need you as an agent and it can be a fantastic start to a wonderful journey for us both