Salt Products Benefits

Where did salt therapy originate

"Salt room therapy originated in Eastern Europe. The patient sits in a room built of salt blocks which were mined 300 meters below the ground in caves. This treatment originated when miners reported significant relief and even cure of bronchial diseases while in the mines. The air in the salt room is permeated with negative ions, which clear the phlegm and purify the lungs. The salt also facilitates the secretion of sputum."


Why Salt Lamps? Physical and Emotional Health Benefits

Spiritually and mentally, salt lamps are associated with peace, calmness, and tranquilty. Physically, salt lamps can help produce a healthier environment for people with allergies and respiratory issues, like asthma.

So, relax... get a salt lamp... enjoy the loveliness and health benefits they bring to your environment.

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Real testimonials

I used a salt lamp for my dad who has real sleep issues and since he got his lamp he has rested better and sleeps a lot more. R Knight Essex

Negative Ions

You know that nourishing smell of the sea air at the beach when the waves are crashing, or near a rushing waterfall? What you are smelling is air that is supercharged with negative ions. Negative ions actually "clean" the air, by seeking out positively charged ions (dust, mold, mildew, pollen, germs, dander, and toxins), forming a heavier mass that sinks to the ground. Your home or office has very low levels of negative ions. Himalayan Salt Lamps add negatively-charged ions into the air surrounding the lamp and are reported to be one of the best natural emitters of negative ions in the world. The larger the room, the larger your salt lamp!

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Q. When will my salt lamp arrive

A. After June 31st your order will be dispatched within 24 hours and sent by track and trace delivery service DPD

Q. How are you so much less expensive than other stores?

A. We only sell our own products straight from the mine. Your salt products will be out of the ground less than 90 days when you receive it. No middlemen, no agents just from mother nature to you